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Who We Are

RealizeMD is an AI Service for the Medical Aesthetics industry, unfolding results candidates can relate to and visualize.

RealizeMD leverages AI and computer vision to help the medical aesthetics industry showcase its work, growing clinics’ revenue and improving customers’ experience

What We Do

By processing clinic’s “before & after” images, RealizeMD’s technology generates meaningful data outputs. These outputs increase the conversion rate of inquiring candidates, better align expectations, help segment results and even enable clinics to share their work while protecting their patient’s privacy.

Our services

this is what we do

Image Analysis

Unlocking Massive Database

Data Mining

Extracting Insights

Visual Generator

Overcoming Privacy and Trust


Publish your work without exposing patients

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where you can synthesize images while 
actual results and maintaining privacy for FREE.

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Founding TEAM

Uri Neeman

Uri Neeman


Former CxO/xVP at Pixellot, Jinni Media, WeFi, Comverse, ITS, Visonic, Packet Tech, RADLinx (1xIPO; 4xExits)

Stas Khirman

Stas Khirman


Former co-founder & CTO of 3 Silicon Valley startups,
2 substantial exits (>$100M):
Narus > Boeing
ChooChee > Deutsche Telecom

Dr. David Rapaport

Dr. David Rapaport

Chief Medical Officer

MD, FACS, NYC board-certified plastic surgeon,
with a 25-year record of innovation and integrity

Alon Gat

Alon Gat


Former Allergan Israel Founder/GM.
Managing Director of Tradis Gat, pharmaceutical and medical supply company

The Market

The $65B Medical Aesthetic market will surpass $125B by 2028

This rapid growth is already fueled by a growing user segment of men and women that undergo routine treatments. However, the participation rate among the interested population is still minimal. In this landscape, RealizeMD intends to enable an accelerated growth. Trained on actual clinical results, our SaaS-based Visual CRM will enable Medical Aesthetics Practices to increase customer acquisition/conversion and retention, while enabling physicians to showcase best results. Thus, shifting medical aesthetics into the digital age.



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